Glo Harris

Internationally Recognized Coach and Consultant

Great leaders make others better! I partner with leaders to unlock their potential so they and those whose lives they touch can thrive and help everyone around them thrive. I bring to my work decades of experience with individuals and families, both work families and biological families.


Corporate Coaching

I develop leaders and teams in both Fortune 500 companies and with entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of industries.

Clients (partial list):
Facebook, eBay, Google, McKinsey and Co, LinkedIn, Atlassian, Amex, Pinterest, Twitch, Cisco, Genentech, Pepsico, Frito Lay, Albertson’s, Yum Brands, Unilever, Union Pacific Railroad, Sandoz, Alcon, Medtronic, Grand Rounds, Andreesen- Horwitz, Canaan, Bank of New York Mellon, State Street Bank.

Family Coaching

A family’s life from generation to generation is precious. Keeping that life meaningful and robust while we have time is essential to our legacy. Intergenerational coaching brings together the family to reflect on and heal the past and explore the future for a more peaceful, authentic, and loving present.

My goal with families is to help them live more fully in the now, become closer, and enjoy the time they have together. To do this, I

  • help them heal the inevitable fractures that come with being human
  • assist them in dialoguing about difficult subjects like wills, inheritances, document organization, and end-of-life plans
  • encourage them to video tape the elders to preserve stories
  • facilitate creative ideas about staying in touch, marking occasions, and meeting each others’ needs.


I am a psychotherapist, executive advisor, organizational consultant and intergenerational family coach. I’ve worked as an executive coach for the past 25 years, focusing on identifying life’s mission and vision, creating more impact, communicating effectively, and promoting inspired followership. Prior to advising leaders, I maintained a private psychotherapy practice for 20 years, serving individuals, couples, and families; during that time, I was also a regular monthly guest on NPR Ohio’s “Ask the Family Therapist.” I earned my MSW from Washington University and was raised in Auburn, New York. I live in the Bay Area in California with my partner, Monty, and our Cockapoo, Molly.


“Hands down the best executive coach I have worked with. Period. She is a gift to any leader and any organization.”

Kevin Dulsky, Partnerships, Business, and Corporate Development at Rewards Network

“Glo is both intuitive and cerebral, sensitive and structured, enormously kind and immensely challenging. She infused our family life with truth, compassion, and a new kind of flexibility I hadn’t thought possible. Glo’s intergenerational coaching was a gift to us. I encourage you to seek her guidance.”

Gail Marlene Schwartz, mother and daughter


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